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The Steven’s HydraProbe is a single level soil moisture sensor which may

be used as an insertion probe or buried in the soil at a fixed depth. The
sensor measures soil moisture, soil temperature and EC.

The HydraProbe is a robust, accurate single level soil sensor, which measures soil moisture, soil temperature and soil conductivity. Using these three readings it is then able to calculate the EC of the water held in the soil pores – the salt level the plant sees.

The HydraProbe can be used as a portable probe for turf applications or buried

below the surface for monitoring at a specific depth. Multiple sensors may be
connected to the same logger.

The HydraProbes may be installed in an over-sized hole drilled into the soil with a 40mm auger. The probe pins are pushed into the soil at the bottom of the hole
using a push rod and the hole backfilled with a mix of sand & bentonite. For
shallower sites, a hole can be opened up with a spade or post hole digger and the probe pins pushed into the undisturbed soil on the side of the hole. The hole can then be backfilled.

The HydraProbe sensor may be connected to any data logger which supports the SDI-12 serial interface specification.



  • Instantaneous sensor response
  • Serial addressable: multiple units on one cable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easily linked to wireless systems
  • No calibration for mineral soil
  • Custom calibration available for peat, grain, and organic soil
  • Compatible with ADCON RTU’s
  • Temperature corrected
  • Compact, rugged for years of in-soil use


  • Instantly measure soil moisture, conductivity, salinity, and temperature
  • Optimize soil analysis, watering and fertilization
  • Enables measurement of native (undisturbed) soil
  • Low risk: ten years of field-proven science
  • Measure flow of water, fertilizer from topsoil to sub-root zone
  • Performs well in high-salinity soil
  • Easier monitoring of remote sites
  • Review real-time soil data and trends from the office

Celsius : +/- 0.6o Celsius

Soil Conductivity: 0 – 20 dS/m, :

+/- 2% or +/- 0.002 dS/m (whichever is greater)

Measurement Volume30 x 60 mm

Dimensions Diameter 42 mm

Length 125 mm

Weight 200 g

Cable Length 5m

Maintenance Interval Nil – fully sealed unit

Warranty One year

Ordering Information:

203.733.103 Stevens HydraProbe SDI-12
Power supply 5.6 to 20 V DC

Power Consumption Idle: < 1mA Read: 30mA

Weight 60cm : 1.6Kg 100cm : 1.9 Kg

Output SDI-12

Accuracy Soil Moisture: 0-60 % VSWMC +/- 3%

Soil Temperature: -10 to +65o

HydraProbe Measuring and Display Brouchure - AUS

HydraProbe Measuring and Display Brouchure - AUS

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Hydra Probe II Soil Sensor Brochure - AUS

Hydra Probe II Soil Sensor Brochure - AUS

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