The Hydro-Wiper is an innovative mechanical wiper system customised to fit a wide variety of optical instruments.

Ideal for extended deployments where external power supplies are not available. The wiper unit is connected to a rugged underwater housing that contains the batteries, control electronics, diagnostic LED, wipe angle controls, and wipe interval select switch.

Powered by six user-replaceable alkaline batteries, the Hydro-Wiper will operate for over 6 months with a 1 hour wiper interval.  For extended deployments, a larger battery housing is available.

The wipe interval can be set from 15 minutes to 12 hours, to suit the environment.

Why purchase a Hydro-Wiper:

Cost effective: The Hydro-Wiper reduces the need for costly site visits to manually clean the instrument, maintaining data integrity throughout long deployments.

Proven in the field: Developed in 2007, Hydro-Wipers have been deployed in some of the harshest environments by educational institutions, research organisations, government agencies and private companies in all parts of the world.

Standard modelsFrom flourometers to turbidity sensors, dissolved oxygen instruments to nitrate analyzers, PAR sensors and more, we can wipe them!

Custom designWe can provide custom clamps, brushes and cable lengths, power and triggering options, and depth ratings. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Turner Designs Hydro-Wiper Brochure - AUS

Turner Designs Hydro-Wiper Brochure - AUS

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