Adcon Telemetry


It comes in a robust aluminium housing, with integrated battery and 0.5W radio transceiver. Power is supplied via an internal NiMH battery and solar panel the size of a postcard. Sensors are connected to the analogue, pulse and SDI-12 channels via two 7-pin binder connectors. The logged data is then transmitted at regular intervals to a telemetry base station (A850 Gateway and A440 Radio Modem) , over a licensed radio frequency (450 to 470 MHz). The A752 may also be used as a repeater, relaying data from low power A723 and A724 units back to the base station. The A752 has a range of 5 to 20 km, depending on terrain and antenna height.




  • Soil moisture monitoring Automated meter reading Agriculture – plant protection Urban and rural water supply utilities Science, research & development, and much more


Dimensions 160 x 60 x 80 mm
Weight 1.2 kg
Protection type IP-67
Temperature range -30°C to +65°C
Case Powder-coated aluminium
(all connectors IP67 if properly mated or capped)
2 x Binder M9 7-pin to sensors
1 x Binder M9 5-pin to solar cell/power supply
1 x TNC Antenna connector
Power supply 6.,2 V NiMH battery 3.3 Ah with charge from solar cell / mains adapter
6 x analogue ( 0 – 1/2,5 VDC ; Including 3 x 0 – 150mV )
2 x pulse counter
2 x digital in/out ( 0 – 3V TTL)
40 x SDI-12 values
Sampling Interval 10sec. to 12h
Measuring method synchronous & sequential
Internal memory 2MB for up to 500,000 values
Resolution Analogue :16-Bit @ 0 – 2.5 V
Pulse Counter 1 x 50Hz and 1 x 500Hz
Operating time(without charging of internal battery) Standard mode: up to 21 days, Power-save mode: up to 6 months; depends on slot time,transmission rate, and type of sensors
Frequency range 450 to 470 MHz
Rx Sensitivity -106 dBm
Tx Output Power max. 1 W
Transmission distance 5 to 20 km
Antenna Omnidirectional quad-band, 2dBi

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