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Tensiometer (14.04)

The Eijkelkamp Tensiometer measures the force with which water is held within the soil by the soil particles. This force, referred to as soil suction, soil water tension, or potential, indicates how tightly the water is bound in the soil, and how much energy must be exerted by plant roots to remove and use the water.

The basic components of a tensiometer include a porous ceramic cup, a plastic body tube, and a vacuum gauge.

The ceramic cup is placed in good hydraulic contact with the soil and allows transfer of water in & out of the tensiometer body according to the tension in the soil.  The vacuum inside the tensiometer body equilibrates with the soil water tension, and the dial gauge provides a direct readout of the tension.

The Eijkelkamp Tensiometer is a complete set for multiple measurements to a depth of 90 cm.


Available models include:

  • Eijkelkamp Tensiometer - Standard Set
    Product number# 14.04.03
  • Eijkelkamp Tensiometer - Jet Fill Set
    Product number# 14.04.04
Eijkelkamp Tensiometer (14.04) - User Manual

Eijkelkamp Tensiometer (14.04) - User Manual

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Optional Accessories
  • Eijkelkamp Tensiometer (14.04) - Gauge Adjusting Screwdriver
    Product number# 2029
  • Eijkelkamp Tensiometer (14.04) - O'ring Grease Kit
    Product number# MFJ012PK
  • Eijkelkamp Tensiometer (14.04) - Detachable Handle
    Product number# 0234SHDLB
  • Eijkelkamp Tensiometer (14.04) - Fixed Handle
    Product number# 0234SNDLB
  • Eijkelkamp Tensiometer (14.04) - Edelman Auger (4cm)
    Product number# 0234LOMB04

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