Gouge Auger Set (04.06)

Often referred to as the “cheese corer” of Hand Augers, the Eijkelkamp Gouge Auger Set (04.06) is a slim bodied, low friction Hand Auger used to sample soil to a depth of 25cm – 60cm.

Designed with a half cylindrical auger body, with parallel cutting edges running from top to bottom, the Gouge Auger Set (04.06) is simply pushed vertically (without revolving the auger) into the soil.  After insertion the gouge auger is simply turned clockwise, a core is cut loose, which can be removed with minimal effort.

Typical applications include:

• Contaminated sites assessment.
• Soil sampling above groundwater table.
• Soil sampling below groundwater table.
• Environmental soil research.
• Undisturbed sampling.
• Soil texture research.

The Eijkelkamp Gouge Auger Set (04.06) includes two interchangeable cutting tips:

• Cutting tip 1:  25cm (length) x 13mm (diameter)
• Cutting tip 2:  60cm (length) x 13mm (diameter)

A thumb type spatula is included with every kit, allowing user to contents of the Eijkelkamp Gouge Auger Set (04.06) safely.

  • Will even sample medium to harder soils
  • This 1 kilo of tools solves most sampling jobs
  • Perfect for chemical sampling in the root zone
  • Non-toxic steel (not zinc-plated)
The arable land auger and mineral auger

The auger for arable land, with an operational length of 25 cm, is used to take samples from the furrow. The mineral auger, also included in the set, is used to take samples from the top layer up to a depth of  60 cm. Because of their operational length and small diameter these gouge augers are pre-eminently suitable for sampling of the top layers of arable land, in particular for a nitrate- or a fertilization research, etc.

Maximum sample depth 25 / 60 cm
Product material iron, other material
Sample diameter dm
Sample length 25 / 60 cm
Sample specification semi-disturbed
Package size 126 x 15 x 15 cm
Weight 1.6 kg


Soil sampling above groundwater table

Environmental soil research

Eijkelkamp Gouge Auger Set (04.06) - User Manual

Eijkelkamp Gouge Auger Set (04.06) - User Manual

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  • Soil core samplers - gouge augers for heterogeneous soils

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