Van Dorn Sampler (12.06)

The Van Dorn Sampler (horizontal water bottle) is a discrete sampler, specially designed for the horizontal sampling of open water bodies, in both fresh water & sea water.

Deployed in the “open” position, the Van Dorn Sampler is simply lowered to the required depth using a rope (30m rope included) before a weighted messenger is deployed.  The weighted messenger travels down the rope, triggers the Van Dorn Sampler and a sample is captured.

With a capacity of 2.2 litres, the Van Dorn Sampler is perfect for a variety of discreet sampling applications including heavy metals analysis (no metal components touch the sample), microbiological sampling, and stratification sampling.

  • Complete with drop-weight, 30 metre polyester rope and transport case;
  • The sample does not come into contact with metal parts;
  • Minimum contamination;
  • The CTD Diver can be used to monitor temperatures, vertical water depth and, if required, conductivity.
Diameter (D) and /or size (L*W*H) 10 * 10 * 30 cm
Point or profile Point sampling
Power supply manual
Product material PVC, other material
Rod or Cable length 30 m
Rod or cable operated cable
Sample specification disturbed
Sample stored in tube
Sample volume 2200 ml
Sampler position horizontal
Package size 47 x 19 x 35 cm
Weight 5.4 kg

Water quality research
Monitoring water quality
Water sampling

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