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Trimeter Multi-Parameter Sonde

The Trimeter is a new “mini-probe” launched as part of the Manta+ line of multiprobes. It offers all the features and quality of the Manta+ probes in a smaller package that can incorporate any one of Eureka’s sensors, plus temp and depth, to create a custom Tri-Meter.

  • Choose any Eureka sensor and add Depth and/or Temperature
  • Use as a spot checker/profiler, self-powered logger, or with telemetry
  • LED indicators for sonde status (power, logging, communication)
  • Uses off the shelf “D” replaceable batteries
  • Compact, rugged design
  • Works with all Eureka’s display options, such as the Amphibian2 (Windows Mobile), PC/Laptop (Windows), or Leapfrog Bluetooth (Android, BT Enabled Windows device)

Length 12” (without battery pack); 22” (with battery pack)
OD: 1.85”
Weight: 0.8Ib,1.8Ib with internal battery pack
  • Eureka Water Probes Overview

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