TL2300 Tungsten Lamp Turbidimeter

Trusted measurement for high range turbidity applications; simplified.

The new TL23 Series laboratory turbidimeters blend trusted technology and improved features to simplify testing in the most demanding industrial and wastewater applications.


Improved and intuitive design

The TL23 Series’ large full colour touch screen display and intuitive user interface accelerate setup, calibration and measurement. An easy interface and guided procedures give you confidence in your results.

A smart device for more reliable measurements

The TL23 Series ensures stable readings and accurate analysis by capturing turbidity readings once the device detects sample stability. This quality step removes subjectivity and the need for repeated measurements.

Easy to use. Easy to Be Right

The TL23 Series provides everything you need at your fingertips. With a USB port for easy data export, sample identification for traceability, and self-diagnostics for quality assurance, Hach® makes it easy to Be Right.

Accuracy Ratio on: ±2% of reading plus 0.01 NTU from 0 – 1000 NTU, ±5% of reading from 1000 – 4000 NTU based on formazin primary standard

Ratio off: ±2% of reading plus 0.01 NTU from 0 – 40 NTU

Air purge Dry nitrogen or instrument grade air (ANSI MC 11.1, 1975)
0.05 L/s at 69 kPa (10 psig); 138 kPa (20 psig) max
Hose barb connection for 1/8-inch tubing
Certifications CE, KC, RCM
Communication USB
Compliance EPA
Data logging 2000 total logs, includes reading log, verification log and calibration log
Dimensions (H x W x D) 153 mm x 395 mm x 305 mm
Display 17.8 mm colour touch screen
Interface 2 USB-A ports for USB flash drive, external thermal printer, keyboard and barcode scanner
Light source Tungsten filament lamp
Measurement method Nephelometric
Model TL2300 EPA
Operating temperature range 0 – 40 °C
Power requirements (Amps) 3.4 A
Power requirements (Hz) 50/60 Hz
Power requirements (Voltage) 100 – 240 VAC
0 – 4000 NTU
NTU (Ratio on): 0 – 4000
NTU (Ratio off): 0 – 40
EBC (Ratio on): 0 – 980
EBC (Ratio off): 0 – 9.8
Reading modes Single, continuous, Rapidly Settling Turbidity, signal averaging on or off, ratio on or off
Regulatory Meets EPA Method 180.1
Repeatability ±1% of reading or 0.01 NTU, whichever is greater (under reference conditions)
Response time Signal averaging off: 6.8 seconds / Signal averaging on: 14 seconds (when 10 measurements are used to calculate the average)
Sample cell compatibility Round cells 95 x 25 mm (3.74 x 1 in.) borosilicate glass with rubber-lined screw caps
Note: Smaller sample cells (less than 25 mm) can be used when a cell adapter is used
Sample requirements 25 mm sample cell: 20 mL minimum
0 to 70 °C (32 to 158 °F)
Source Lamp Tungsten Lamp
Stabilisation time Ratio on: 30 minutes after start-up
Ratio off: 60 minutes after start-up
Storage conditions -20 to 60 °C
Units NTU and EBC
Warranty 12 months
Weight 3.0 kg
What’s included? TL2300 Turbidimeter, silicone oil, oiling cloth, USEPA filter assembly, 1-inch sample cells (30 mL) with caps (6x), Gelex secondary turbidity standardization kit, Stablcal calibration kit, power supply, power cord, dust cover





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