Water Quality Sensors



ISE is a reference electrode immersed in a solution of fixed ion concentration separated by a membrane containing a chemical compound that reacts with the ion of interest, measuring electrical potential that varies with concentration.



Applications for Hydrolab’s Nitrate ISEs include: Tracing the movement of point- or non-point source pollutants (for instance, runoff from agricultural operations) Monitoring aquaculture projects for excessive waste concentrations Surveying nutrient levels in natural water bodies Nitrate – small changes in biologically available nitrogen levels can dramatically affect the levels of microbiological, plant, and eventually, animal life.


Nitrate Sensor

Range 0 … 100 mg/L-N
Accuracy Greater of ± 5% of reading,
or ± 2 mg/L-N
Resolution 0.01 mg/L-N
Max Depth 15 m


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