Water Quality



For maximum deployment life and minimum maintenance, the Hydrolab DS5X offers Hydrolab’s Superior Sensor Technology on a multi-parameter platform with a self-contained, automatic cleaning system.

Discontinued item.

Replacement sensors & spare parts still available for sale.



  • Available with Hach LDO Memory is included on every sonde Integrate one additional parameter RS-485 communications available Improved power management Seven built-in expansion ports configured to fit your specific needs Measures up to 15 parameters simultaneously Optimized for long-term, unattended deployments Central cleaning system wipes away fouling from DO, pH, ISE’s, Chlorophyll, Blue-Green Algae, Rhodamine, and Turbidity sensors


  • Ideal for “X-tended” deployments in environments where fouling and sediment are abundant Improves long-term value by reducing the frequency of sensor maintenance A single central motor cleans the entire suite of sensors, thereby minimizing power consumption Brush design features robust fibers that won’t separate over time


Size: Outer diameter – 3.5”/8.9 cm

Length – 23”/58.4 cm

Weight: 7.4 lbs/3.35 kg (typical)
Communication Interface: RS-232, SDI-12, RS-485
Memory: Up to 120,000 measurements
Battery Supply: 8 C batteries (with internal battery pack option)
Operating Temperature: -5 to 50° C
Maximum Depth: 200 m

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