Aqualab Systems


Aqualab Systems

measured data may be remotely transferred via the built-in Next G, GSM/GPRS modem or via satellite. The required antennas are already included in the system.

Product Highlights: Turn-key solutions for stand-alone measuring stations
Location: Gauging station, Pole mount
Power supply: Battery, Solar
Communication: Cellular, Satellite



  • Compact, turn-key, and convenient:
  • All components are pre-installed, pre-wired, and pre-configured – minimum installation operations required.
  • Standardized configuration resulting in particularly attractive value for money.
  • Rugged lockable stainless steel system cabinet – particularly designed for field applications.
  • Cabinet enclosure fitted with breathing gland for sufficient ventilation and drainage.
  • Powerful IP datalogger providing efficient power management.
  • Convenient stainless steel mast mounting bracket – for easy installation to masts of 1″… 4″ (accessory).
  • Alternatively stainless steel wall bracket for safe wall mounting, e.g. in gauge station (accessory).


  • Time-saving during the installation — station build-up and start-up can be finished within one day
  • Completely autonomous power supply — solar power supply and Next G GSM/GPRS data transmission are offered as a standard
  • Modular design — easy transportation to the measurement site
  • Select the most appropriate sensor for your site

• Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D) 380 mm x 500 mm x 210 mm
Housing material Stainless Steel
Protection IP65
Lockable  –
Breathing gland
Max Battery dim (W x H x D) 190 mm x 175 mm x 130 mm
Power Supply
Solar controller OTT PR1205
Optional: Solar panel 12 V/30 W
Data logger
IP Datalogger OTT netDL 500
Sensors incl.
Water level sensor OTT CBS – bubble sensor for indirect water level measurement
Temperature range
Cabinet components included -25°C … +50°C
Standard overvoltage protection
EN 61000-3-2 -> EN 55022 Class B (30 … 1000 MHz)
EN 61000-4-2 Level 3; 8 kV air, 6 kV contact (ESD protection)
EN 61000-4-3  Level 3; 10 V/m (protection from RF fields);Environment class 3
EN 61000-4-4 Level 4; 4 kV (EFT protection); Installation class 4
EN 61000-4-5 Level 4; 4 kV (voltage spike/lightning); Installation class 5
EN 61000-4-6 Level 3; 10 Veff (protection from conductive HF interference);Installation class 3
EN 61000-4-8 Level 4; 30 A/m; Environment class 4 Enhanced overvoltage protection (optional)

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