Precipitation Sensors


Parsivel 2

The Parsivel² captures both the size and speed of falling particles, classifying them into one of 32 separate size and velocity classes.

Parameters measured: Precipitation type, intensity, drop size distribution, radar reflectivity
Measurement technology: Laser optical
Product Highlights: Simultaneous measurement of 32 classes for particle sizes and velocities
Interface: SDI-12 / RS-485, pulse

  • Accurate – the exact size and speed of every precipitation particle that passes in the measurement area is recorded and from these measurements all relevant meteorological parameters are derived
  • Maintenance-free –  no moving parts or a collection bucket, unlike tipping bucket rain gauges
  • Durable – continuous and precise precipitation data in all environmental conditions with integrated overvoltage protection
  • Energy-efficient – economical electronics and galvanically separate, controllable head heating, providing a power supply that is flexibly designed with minimal power consumption
  • Easy-to-use – integrated USB port configuration and online monitoring for simple PC data review with OTT ASDO user software


Measurement range
Particle size of liquid precipitation 0.2 ?… 5 mm
Particle size of solid precipitation 0.2 ?… 25 mm
Particle velocity 0.2 …? 20 m/s
Type and identification precipitation intensity / amount
Distribution of precipitation particles 32 size classes and 32 velocity classes
8 precipitation types (drizzle, drizzle/rain, rain, snow/rain, snow, snow grain, sleet, hail)
radar reflectivity Z
Weather code reports WMO 4680/4677 (SYNOP), 4678 (METAR) and NWS tables differentiation of precipitation types drizzle, rain, hail, snow ; > 97 % accordance with human observer values
Visibility at precipitation measurement range (MOR) 100 … 5000 m; ±10%

Rain rate
Minimal intensity 0.001 mm/h drizzle/rain
Maximal intensity 1.200 mm/h
Accuracy ±5 % (liquid) / ±20 % (solid)
Optical sensor wave length 780 nm, 0.5 mW output power
Laser diode Laser class 1, 1 (21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11), 1 (IEC/EN 60825-1 A2:2001)
Beam dimension W x D 180 x 30 mm
Measurement area 54 cm², detection of border events
All weather conditions proofed self-controlled heating against ice or snow coverage of housing (min. 24 V DC)
Housing material powder-coated aluminium housing
Protection class IP65, resistant to salt spray

Environmental conditions
Temperature range -40 … +70 °C
Humidity 0 … 100 % rel. air humidity
Dimensions (HxWxD) 670 x 600 x 114 mm

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