Hydras 3 Pocket

This is done according to the selected data logger via a cable-free infrared transmission (IrDA) or via RS232 with connection cable. The read-in data can be displayed as diagram or table on the Pocket PC and can also be exported in raw data format or as text data (*.csv). A comprehensive processing of measuring values can be done on a notebook / PC with installed Hydras 3 (Basic) Software (from version > V 2.01.0) – see Product Info ‘ Hydras 3’ and ‘ Hydras 3 Basic’. To the software we also offer the actually available Pocket PCs, optionally with RS 232 interface, complete with Hydras 3 Pocket Software.


Handy reading unit for the daily work – fits in the pocket Easy-to-operate software – no extensive computer knowledge neccessary General applications additionally useable – usually the commercial Pocket PCs are equipped with Pocket Excel and Pocket Word programmes, sometimes with integrated digital camera, etc.., also Pocket PC with GPS available


Hardware and software requirements

Pocket PC with infrared / RS232 interface; ARM compatible processor (e.g. Intel® XScale™, Samsung S3C 2440); frequency≥ 300 MHz; RAM ≥ 64 MB; operating system: Windows Mobile 2003 (Pocket PC2003)

Synchronisation software Microsoft Active Sync from version 3.7

Pocket PC cable connection to standard PC or connection via infrared interface (optional)

IBM compatible standard PC (notebook / desktop) with operating system Microsoft Windows 98 or higher


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