Water Level Sensors


Maximum Level Gauge

It is based on the simple principle of colour marking. The threshold level is used for preservation of evidence and provides accurate data for later post-processing of flood events.

Application: Level measurement
Measurement technology: Visual, colour tape
Parameters measured: Water level
Product Highlights: Records high tide or surface water level
Measurement range: 1 m

  • Rugged cylinders made of Plexiglas and a fiberglass reinforced plastic measuring rod with easy to read E-scale in cm graduation
  • Self-adhesive, transparent ribbon to display the highest water level. To change the ribbon, you need to solve only one single screw.
  • Simple operation: water that rises in the cylinder, completely washes out the colour to the respective water level
  • Clear result: A sharp dividing line between coloured and colourless area enables accurate reading of the maximum water level.
  • Unaffected by waves and debris: The straining device acts as filter for coarse dirt and acts as a damping device preventing influence by wash of waves in the measuring cylinder.

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