Cyclops 7 Logger

The Cyclops-7 Submersible Logger made by Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc. (PME) is now available with an underwater connector to enable easy swapping of Cyclops-7 sensors. Users have the ability to quickly switch between Cyclops-7 sensors in the field for collecting data across multiple applications.

The PME Logger records time, date, internal temperature, fluorescence or turbidity, and gain. Sampling rates can be adjusted by the user, with a minimum time interval of 1 minute. Data is stored on a removable SD card. The logger is a self-contained unit with a diameter small enough to fit into bore holes and other tight spaces. Data are offloaded to a computer via USB card reader for easy viewing and analysis. The package is powered by six AA lithium batteries; enough power for up to a year. The internal SD card has enough memory for 30,000 samples.



  • Small diameter
  • User calibration
  • 2GB Internal Storage
  • Auto Ranging
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Long Lasting in the field
  • 100 Meter Depth Rating
  • User-friendly
  • Visualization software included
  • Various Cyclops 7 sensors available
  • Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria)  Phycocyanin (Freshwater)- Phycoerythrin (Marine)
  • Chlorophyll In Vivo
  • Fluorescent Dye Tracing- Fluorescein, PTSA, Rhodamine WT
  • Hydrocarbons- Crude Oil, Refined Fuels
  • Turbidity
  • Wastewater Monitoring- Optical Brighteners, Tryptophan

•Sample Endurance of the Cyclops-7 Logger

Sample Interval (minutes) Days of Sampling Number of Samples
1 20 28,800
 10  200  28,800
 60  365  28,800


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