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Internal memory storage capacity combined with an external submersible lithium ion battery allows the C3™ to run during extended or short-term deployments. Each C3™ comes with a factory-installed temperature sensor. Optional factory-installed depth sensors and mechanical wipers are also available. The durable delrin housing is highly resistant to harsh environments. Antifouling copper tape pieces are included for placement on the C3™ optical head to reduce bio-fouling on and around the sensors. C-Soft Windows™ based software allows for intuitive calibration, datalogging set-up and file management capabilities as well as digital or analog data integration.



  • One, Two or Three Optical Sensors
  • Temperature Sensor Included
  • Optional Depth Sensor
  • Optional 3-Brush Mechanical Wiper
  • All Plastic Housing
  • Robust Memory – Over 60,000 Data Lines!
  • Easy to Use Software with Data Management Capabilities
  • Optional C-ray Deployment Body Enables Horizontal Towing
  • C-FINS Integration with ArcGIS®
  • Integrate with VideoRay Pro 4 Submersible ROV

• Specifications

Application Minimum Detection Limit Dynamic Range
CDOM/FDOM 0.15 ppb**
0.5 ppb***
0-1250 ppb**
0-5000 ppb***
Chlorophyll in vivo
  Blue Excitation
Red Excitation
0.025 μg/L
0.5 μg/L
0-500 μg/L
>500 μg/L
Fluorescein Dye 0.01 ppb 0-500 ppb
Oil – Crude 0.2 ppb*** 0-2700 ppb***
Oil – Fine 10 ppb*
10 ppm****
>10,000 ppb*
>100 ppm****
Optical Brighteners 0.6 ppb*** 0-15,000 ppb***
(Freshwater Cyanobacteria)
2 ppbPC 0-40,000 ppbPC
(Marine Cyanobacteria)
0.15 ppbPE 0-750 ppbPE
PTSA Dye 0.1 ppb*** 0-650 ppb***
Rhodamine Dye 0.01 ppb 0-1000 ppb
Tryptophan 3 ppb >20,000 ppb
Turbidity 0.05 NTU 0-3000 NTU

* 1,5 Napthalene Disulfonic Disodium Salt
** Quinine Sulfate
*** PTSA (1,3, 6, 8 – Pyrenetetrasulfonic Acid Tetrasodium Salt)
**** BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes)
PC Phycocyanin pigment from Prozyme diluted in Deionized water
PE Phycoerythrin pigment from Prozyme diluted in Deionized water

C3 Physical Specifications
Weight in Air 1.64 kg; 3.6 lbs
Length 23 cm; 9.1 in
Diameter 10 cm; 3.9 in
Material Delrin Plastic
Temperature to 50 degrees C
Depth 0 to 600 meters

C3 Electrical Specifications
Output Digital (ASCII); Analog (0 to 5 volt) – optional
Interface RS232 Interface
Minimum Sample Interval 1 Second
Minimum Power Supply 8 to 30 volts; 5 watts
Maximum Current Draw at 12 volts
– operational
– sleep mode
200 mA
3 mA


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