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Enviro T2

Enviro-T2™ is an accurate, single-channel fluorometer that easily integrates with data collection systems providing a 4 – 20 mA output proportional to the fluorescence from chlorophyll in water. When configured with a Blue Excitation LED, Enviro-T2 detects fluorescence from all algal groups; when configured with a Red Excitation LED, it has maximized sensitivity for better detection of Cyanobacteria. Enviro-T2 uses solid-state optoelectronics making it a reliable, high performance, rugged continuous sampling device. Instrument maintenance or inspection is greatly simplified with a quick one-step disconnect. Factory-calibrated and requiring minimal installation effort, simply plumb the Enviro-T2 in-line with your online monitoring systems, connect the output of your controller or data logger, and supply power to estimate algal abundance as a biological parameter for your monitoring program.

Patent Number 7,099,012



  • Estimate Algal Abundance
  • – Algae
  • – Cyanobacteria
  • Low Limit of Detection
  • Easy Integration with Controllers
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Compact Package

Enviro-T2 Performance Specifications
Linearity 0.99R2

Application Minimum Detection Limit Dynamic Range
Chlorophyll 0.03 μg/L 0-100 μg/L

Enviro-T2 Physical Specifications
Material PVC – rigid injection-molded plastic
Weight 4.4 ounces (125 g)
Length 8.63 inches (21.9 cm)
Housing Diameter 1.3 inches (3.3 cm)
Diameter at Flange 1.72 inches (4.4 cm)

Enviro-T2 Performance Specifications
Power Draw 0.8 W @ 12 VDC (1.0 W maximum)
Input Voltage 8-30 VDC
Signal Output 4-20 mA
Warm-up time 5 Seconds

Mounting Tee Physical Specifications
Material PVC – rigid injection-molded plastic
Dynamic Pressure 100 PSI
Threading 1 inch (NPT)
Length 3.3 inches (8.4 cm)

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