Stage Discharge Recorder (SDR)

Sutron fused the ultra-reliable SDI-12 optical encoder with our state-of-the-art SatLink2 Logger technology to create an encoder that never forgets.

  • Dual Sensor: Setup SDR to measure a second stage using an analog* or SDI-12 sensor
  • Rating Table: Compute discharge using a rating table with up to 50 points
  • Averaging: Stage can be computed by averaging multiple samples over a user-set period
  • 4-20mA output:* Output stage or discharge using the 4-20mA circuit (*requires SDR w/analog:SDR0001-4)
  • With proven float-tape-counterweight technology, it’s a “plug compatible” replacement for a Stevens strip chart or punched-tape recorder.
  • Saves your data in ultra-reliable Flash Memory.
  • NO BACKUP BATTERIES and you NEVER lose your data.
  • Incorporates standard flume and weir equations
  • Computes and logs discharge totals
  • Displays discharge as well as flume/weir stage.
  • Built-in event log tracks events such as data views, data downloads, and setup changes.
  • Runs up to 1 year on an industrial alkaline battery.
  • Data delivered in easy-to-read & -open CSV files.
  • All setup can be done from front panel.
  • Download utilities available for Pocket PC-compatible PDAs & Windows laptops.
  • SD Card Option
  • Measurements
Stage/Level measurements, Internal Temp, Battery. Note: a second stage can be measured via SDI-12 or via optional analog interface.
  • Automeasure Interval
15-minute default, 1, 5, & 10 minutes user selectable. 30 & 60 minute intervals also available.
  • Stage/Level Resolution
Shaft encoder with 400 count/revolution. Shaft is 5/16″ diameter. Supported wheel sizes are 1ft, 00.375 meter, 0.5 meter and custom. SDR-0001-3 supports analog input in place of the encoder. The analog input can measure a 0-5V sensor, 4-20ma sensor or resistive bridge sensor.
  • Stage/Level Range
+/-80 ft of calibration point
  • Calculations
Discharge using Parshall Flume, Broad Crested Weir equations, Dual Sensor, Ratin Table or general purpose equation with user entered constants. Calculation of daily volume and daily average stage.
  • Communication Ports
SDI-12, RS232
  • Operating Temperature
-40C to +60C
  • Display Type
2 x 20 LCD with backlight
  • Keypad Type
6 button
  • Memory
  • Built-In Flash
>300,000 readings
  • SD/MMC Card
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Clock Accuracy (at 0C – 40°C)
2 minutes per month, optional RS232 GPS sync
  • Power Requirements
5.5 to 16 VDC
  • Current Drain
  • Communication Protocols Supported
  • Programming
via front panel or SDR communicator program
  • Device Dimensions
  • Height
4.5″ (11.5 cm)
  • Length
4″ (10.2 cm)
  • Width
7″ (17.8 cm)
  • Notes



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