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Combi Sensor “Standard”

The Adcon TR1 was developed in order to offer a highly accurate sensor with excellent long-term stability for a very competitive price. A professional radiation shield protects the sensor from direct sunlight and provides sufficient ventilation. Solid UV resistant elements reflect radiation on their white surface, while the black inside absorbs accumulating heat.

The sensor is virtually maintenance free and provides excellent long-term stability. A protective coating keeps dust and dirt off the surface of the humidity sensor element to reduce sensor drift, eliminate corrosion and to maintain accuracy over a long period of time. A plastic cap with a metal screen shields both sensing elements against insects, chemicals and all kinds of dirt.

The sensor is delivered completely assembled with its 5-element radiation shield, mast mounting gear for poles with a diameter of ~40mm and a 3m cable with 7-pin Binder connectors for Adcon RTUs.



Supply Voltage 4.5 … 15 VDC
Current consumption < 1,5 mA typ.
Operating Temperature -40°C … +60°C-40°F … +140°F
Operating Humidity 0 … 100% rH
Material of radiation shield PC
Mounting material Aluminium tube, PC brackets,

pipe clamps of W4 stainless steel

Material of sensor body Tecapet
Protection class IP65
Dimensions L x W x H 450 x 100 x 170mm

L x W x H 17.72 x 3.94 x 6.69 in.

Weight 600g / 1.3 lb.
Cable and Connector 3m cable with male 7-pin M9 Binder
Mounting mast mounting brackets for 40mm pole,

with 2 pipe clamps 32-50mm

Relative Humidity
Measuring Range 0 – 100%rH
Accuracy at +20°C
from 0 – 90% rH ±1% rH
from 90% – max. rH ±2% rH
Temperature dependence ±0.03% rH /°C
Long-term Stability <1% rH per year
Output Signal 0 … 2.5 V
Sensor Element capacitance, with protective coating (HC01)
Measuring range -40°C … +60°C

-40°F … +140°F

Accuracy at +20°C ±0,2°C
Output signal 0 … 2.5V DC
Sensor element pt1000 DIN A

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