Precipitation Sensors



A robust and reliable leaf wetness sensor is essential for a wide range of agronomical disease models.

The leaf wetness sensor works on the principle of electric conductivity, measuring in ten increments if the sensor surface is anything from completely dry to completely wet.

The 30 x 40 mm sensor element is mounted on a holder, which allows more flexibility in the installation.

This rugged sensor, developed by Adcon, features a teflon-coated ceramic carrier. To ensure reliable operation it is usually sufficient to periodically wipe off chemical residue, which covers the sensors surface after every treatment.

The sensor comes complete with all mast mounting equipment, two pipe clamps, cable ties and a shielded 4m cable with a 7-pin Binder jack, compatible to all RTU’s of the A723, A733 and A75x families.


Measuring range: 0 – 9 units

Measuring principle: electrical conductivity

Operating temp: 0°C – +60°C

Connector: Binder 7-pin M9 IP67

Output Signal: 0 – 2,5V


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