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WIN Pro 10/2

This professional instrument was developed to meet WMO requirements. Robust, accurate and yet very affordable.This highly professional pair of sensors is manufactured for Adcon by one of Germany’s most reputed sensor manufacturers. The housings of both sensors are made of extremely robust, seawater resistant aluminum, to withstand even the harshest of conditions.

  • Wind Speed Sensor

  • The Wind Speed Sensor has a very low starting threshold of less than 0.4m/s, thanks to its superbly engineered low-friction bearings and its generously dimensioned aluminium cups. The rotating 3-cup unit can be replaced in the field. The sensor will measure speeds of up to 270 km/h.
  • Wind Direction Sensor

  • The Wind Direction sensor employs an accurate magnetic hall element. The vane is precision engineered, extremely robust yet light weight, and fully made of a combination of aluminium and stainless steel. Like the wind cups it is also easily field replaceable.
  • Both sensors require very little maintenance and will remain within their specifications for many years.
  • To properly mount the sensors according to WMO requirements the set comprises of an 80cm wide mast mounting arm, complete with mounting brackets. Each cable comes with its own Binder cable plus a separate Y-cable. This allows individual replacement of sensors in case of maintenance or repair, but still occupies only one connector on your Adcon RTU.
  • Both sensors are also available as individual units. If ordered separately they will be delivered with individual mounting arms and a 2m Binder cable.


Wind Speed Wind Direction
Measuring principle: magnetic magnetic
Measuring element: 3-arm cup anemometer, aluminum aluminum/stainless steel wind vane
Measuring range: <0.4 … 75m/s (1.44 … 270km/h) 0° – 360°
Linearity: < ± 0.5m/s < ± 2.5°
Starting value: < 0.4m/s (1.44 km/h) < 0.4m/s (1.44 km/h)
Output signal 0 … 2.5V DC 0 … 2.5V DC
Dead angle: 5 ° ± 1°
Switching point: North
Case: sea water resistant  aluminium sea water resistant  aluminium
Temperature range: -40°C … +70°C (non-icing) -40°C … +70°C (non-icing)
Mounting: Bores with Ø 30mm at max. 10mm wall strength Bores with Ø 30mm at max. 10mm wall strength
Weight: approx. 700g. approx. 720g.
Standards: VDI 3786, sheet 2 / WMO No.8 VDI 3786, sheet 2 / WMO No.8
Cable: Binder Germany, 1m, shielded, PUR Binder Germany, 1m, shielded, PUR
Connector: Binder M9 male 7-pin Binder M9 male 7-pin

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