While the GPS Locator allows you to pinpoint the position of an object (such as a lateral move irrigator, drag line or weather station), the digital compass indicates the direction of movement – which is particularly useful for monitoring the uniformity of the movement of a centre pivot, as any change in speed shows as a change in slope of the graph.

Its extremely low power consumption and robust poly-carbonate housing, make the device ideally suited for permanent outdoor operation. A Goretex breather vent provides pressure compensation; the aluminium arm allows mounting on Adcon’s standard aluminium poles; and a 4m cable with Adcon’s standard 7-pin connector makes the device compatible with most Adcon RTUs (A723, A733, A753 and A755)



  • Monitoring movement of centre pivot & lateral move irrigators
  • Tracking portable equipment such as automatic weather stations

Dimensions 100 x 100 x 350 mm
Resolution 0.01o

Magnetometer Specifications

± 1100uT Measurement Range

0,015ìuT Resolution

Max sample rate 10 per second

GPS Locator:

Receiver type 32 channel

Positional accuracy 1.3m (outdoor) 50% CEP

Sensitivitty Tracking -161 dBm

Hot acquisition -161 dBm

Cold acquisition – 145 dBm

Operating time (without charging of internal battery)

Standard mode: up to 21 days, Power-save mode: up to 6 months;

depends on slot time, transmission rate, and type of sensors
TTFF (Time To First Fix )

< 1sec @ -130dBm outdoors HOT

33sec typ. @ -130dBm COLD
Operational Limits: Max. velocity: 515m/s

Power Consumption: 60mA in acquisition phase

Transmission distance max 35km (to GSM standard)
Ordering Information:

200.733.515 A515 Digital Compass

200.733.516  A516 GPS Locator with Digital Compass


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