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C-sense is a compact, lightweight, plug-n-play sensor designed for measurement of the partial pressure of CO2 gas in liquids. Combining an oil resistant hydrophobic membrane and a temperature compensated non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detector, C-sense measures the
partial pressure of CO2 in water, oil, and water and oil mixtures.

C-sense operates through the diffusion of gas across a hydrophobic membrane into an isolated headspace. While any resident gas may enter the headspace, the wavelength of the infrared sensor is specific to CO2  absorption. The amount of absorption of that wavelength is proportional to the concentration of CO2 gas in the headspace.

Specifically designed for applications involving immersion in water, oil, or water and oil mixtures, C-sense sensors incorporate an oil-resistant interface with a compact, temperature-compensated non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detector.

C-sense are available in four standard measurement ranges:

  • 1,000ppm
  • 2,000ppm
  • 4,000ppm
  • 10,000ppm
  • other ranges available (discuss with Aqualab!)

Designed for integration, C-sense enables pCO2 monitoring at a significantly lower price than traditional pCO2 sensors.

Each C-sense ships with:

  • 1 x C-sense sensor
  • 1 x User Replaceable Membrane
  • 1 x Copper Antifouling Guard (installed)
  • 1 x Locking Sleeve Connector.


  • Available in 4 standard measurement ranges:
  • 1000ppm, 2000ppm, 4000ppm, 10,000 – other ranges available
  • Accuracy 3% of full scale
  • Submersible to 600m
  • Easily integrated: 4-pin analog output
  • Small size: <2” x 8” and <1lb
  • Low power consumption: 80mA @ 6V DC
  • Interfaces with DataBank™ Datalogger
  • new Submersible Logger now available

• Specifications

C-sense Physical Specifications
Length x Diameter: 8” x 1.97”; 20.3cm x 5 cm
Weight: < 1lb; 430 grams

C-sense Environmental Specifications
Temperature Range:
Water Temp: -2 to 35C
Ambient Temp: -20 to 50C
Depth Range: 600 meters

C-sense Electrical Specifications
Signal Output:  0-5V DC
 Supply Voltage:  6-12V DC
 Power Consumption:  80mA @ 6 VDC (100mA during warm up)

Available models include:

  • C-sense Sensor (0 - 1000ppm range)
    Product number# 2410-001/2400-001
  • C-sense Sensor (0 - 2000ppm range)
    Product number# 2410-002/2400-002
  • C-sense Sensor (0 - 4000ppm range)
    Product number# 2410-004/2400-004
  • C-sense Sensor (0 - 10,000ppm range)
    Product number# 2410-010/2400-010
  • C-sense Sensor (Custom Special Order)
    Product number# Contact Aqualab
C-Sense User Manual

C-Sense User Manual

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Additional files
C-Sense Data Sheet

C-Sense Data Sheet

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C-Sense Anti-fouling Instruction Sheet

C-Sense Anti-fouling Instruction Sheet

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Optional Accessories
  • C-sense: Water-Pumped Head (for drop-in membrane sensors)
    Product number# 2410-700
  • C-sense: Copper Antifouling Guard (for drop-in membrane sensors)
    Product number# 2410-507
  • C-sense: Replacement Copper Shield (for drop-in membrane sensors)
    Product number# 2410-508
  • C-sense: Replacement Drop-in Membrane (for drop-in membrane sensors)
    Product number# 2410-509
  • C-sense: Water-Pumped Head (for fixed membrane sensors)
    Product number# 2400-700
  • C-sense: Copper Antifouling Guard (for fixed membrane sensors)
    Product number# 2400-507
  • C-sense: Replacement Copper Shield (for fixed membrane sensors)
    Product number# 2400-508
  • C-sense: Pigtail Cable (10m)
    Product number# 105-2412

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