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Maximum Level Gauge

Maximum Level Gauge

The OTT Maximum Level Gauge (MLG) measures & records the highest water level stage reached at inaccessible sites.  Whether it be tidal surges, riverside locations, or other level fluctuations, the maximum water level is visually preserved for post-flood data modelling.

The MLG operates without batteries or other operator input.


Maximum Level Gauge: How it works

The MLG is a 1m measuring cylinder manufactured from glass fibre reinforced plastic.  As water rising up the cylinder, the internal Red colour band is washed from the cylinder, leaving a sharp dividing line that indicates the maximum water level reached.


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This product is manufactured by OTT and proudly represented by Aqualab Scientific.


• Rugged cylinders made of Plexiglas and a fiberglass reinforced plastic measuring rod with easy to read E-scale in cm graduation

• Self-adhesive, transparent ribbon to display the highest water level. To change the ribbon, you need to solve only one single screw.

• Simple operation: water thaz rises in the cylinder, completely washes out the color to the respective water level

• Clear result: A sharp dividing line between colored and colorless area enables accurate reading of the maximum water level.

• Unaffected by waves and debris: The straining device acts as filter for coarse dirt and acts as a damping device preventing influence by wash of waves in the measuring cylinder.


Maximum Level Guage

Maximum Level Gauge Assembly Instructions

Maximum Level Gauge Assembly Instructions

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