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The Baro-Diver is an atmospheric datalogger designed to increase the accuracy of long-term uninterrupted, real time water level monitoring.

Manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel and measuring just 22mm in diameter, the Baro-Diver incorporates an internal pressure sensor that measures the equivalent of hydrostatic pressure (above water) used in the calculation of total water depth.

Baro-Diver is ideal for various applications including:

• Barometric compensation
• Groundwater monitoring projects
• Surface water monitoring
• Monitoring of shallow waters
• Estuary and wetlands monitoring
• Aquifer storage and recovery


Baro-Diver Datlogging Capacity

The Baro-Diver can store an impressive 72,000 data-points including:

• Date
• Time
• Depth
• Pressure
• Temperature

Baro Diver


Diver Reader unit

Logged data can be downloaded easily using the Diver-USB Reader Unit.

Simply insert the Diver into a USB Reader Unit and connect using the free Diver Office software.  Once connected the Diver can be programmed, settings can be changed and or data can be read/downloaded.

The Diver-USB Reader Unit connects to a USB port of a PC, Laptop and/or Tablet.

Note: Diver Software (2022) must be installed to be able to communicate with the Diver.


Diver Reading Unit


Diver Software 2022

Setup monitoring projects and identify fieldwork tasks such as a site visit sequence, collection of Diver data and deployment of Divers using Diver Software (2022).

Diver Software (2022) consists of two applications:

• Diver Office
• Diver Field

Use Diver Field to carry out fieldwork and download Diver data.

Use Diver Office to merge time series, barometrically compensate Diver data & convert into water levels, visualize data including manual measurements and export data into MON, CSV or XLSX files for use in third-party applications.

Diver Toolkit Software

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This product is manufactured by Van Essen and proudly represented by Aqualab Scientific.


• Compact size: 22 mm – length 110 mm
• Memory: 72,000 records of time stamp, pressure and temperature with backup
• Continuous and fixed length memory

• Easy installation
• Cost effective frequent, long-term measuring
• Reliable and accurate data
• Low maintenance, No user calibration


Baro Diver Specifications


Available models include:

  • Baro-Diver Datalogger
    Product number#
Diver Family Brochure (AUS)

Diver Family Brochure (AUS)

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Diver Accessories Brochure (AUS)

Diver Accessories Brochure (AUS)

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Diver Family User Manual

Diver Family User Manual

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Additional files
Baro-Diver Specification Sheet (AUS)

Baro-Diver Specification Sheet (AUS)

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Optional Accessories
  • Diver USB Reading Unit
    Product number#
  • Stainless Steel Cable (per meter)
    Product number# 11.11.19
  • Stainless Steel Cable (50m)
    Product number# 11.11.20
  • Wire Clamps for Stainless Steel Cable (10pk)
    Product number# 11.11.21
  • PC Communication Cable (USB to PC)
    Product number#
  • Diver Overview
  • Using the Diver Reader Unit
  • Introducing Diver Office (2020)

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