Peat Sampler (04.09)

In essence, the Eijkelkamp Peat Sampler (04.09) is very similar to an Eijkelkamp stainless steel gouge auger, but supplied with enough extensions to reach a depth of 10m.

The Peat Sampler is initially pushed directly into the soil manually.  Having arrived at the correct sampling depth using an Edelman auger, the Peat Sampler is attached, deployed, pushed into the soil, then given half a turn clockwise (180°).  When turned, sample is sealed off by a plate that pivots around the center axle, that is fitted with a cutting edge on one side.

Typical applications include:

• Contaminated sites assessment.
• Soil sampling above groundwater table.
• Soil sampling below groundwater table.
• Environmental soil research.
• Undisturbed sampling.
• Soil texture research.

Every Eijkelkamp Peat Sampler (04.09) is supplied with:

• 1 x Edelman Auger (peat).
• 1 x Peat Auger.
• 1 x Push/Pull Handle.
• 1 x T-handle.
• 1 x Utility Probe.
• 9 x Extension Rods.
• 1 x Brush.
• 1 x Wire brush.
• 1 x Bent Spatula.
• 1 x Heavy Duty Carry Case.

  • Samples saturated AND unsaturated material
  • Stainless steel sample body for all analyses
  • Simple gouge-with-flap principle
  • No loss of sediment by large closing flap
  • Effective to sample young peat and sediment
  • Takes point samples at any depth (if soft)
  • Anyone can operate
  • Thick point limits penetration in stiff material
  • Water plant roots will be pushed aside

The peat sampler is only suitable in flabby and very soft soils. To achieve maximum stability the connections between the T-handle, the extension rods and the bottom part have been executed as conic threaded connections.

The standard set consists of: a T-handle with extension rods, an Edelman auger, a peat sampler, a push-/pull handle, tools, maintenance kit and a fibre glass utility probe. The whole is kept in a sturdy aluminum transport case.

Connection screwthread
Maximum sample depth 10 m
Product material stainless steel, iron, other material
Sample diameter Sample diameter
52 mm
Sample length 50 cm
Sample specification semi-disturbed
Sample volume 530 ml
Sampler position vertical
Package size 117 x 27 x 23 cm
Weight 32 kg


Soil profile description and classification

Soil sampling above groundwater table

Soil sampling below groundwater table

Environmental soil research

Sediment sampling

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