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EasyProbe Multi-Parameter Sonde

Connectivity is Easy

The EasyProbe is the multiprobe itself. It communicates via the underwater cable to the mantaMobile™. The mantaMobile is a rechargeable, high-capacity lithium battery and a Bluetooth transceiver in a waterproof (IP67) case. The mantaMobile communicates via Bluetooth to just about any Android or Apple display device, including tablets and phones. The mantaMobile will power an EasyProbe for eight hours or more. mantaLink™ is the software app used to access the functions and data from your EasyProbe. Installing mantaLink on your display device (phone or tablet) takes just a few minutes; after that, connecting the EasyProbe to your display device takes just a few seconds. MantaLink features the usual functions (such as calibrations, parameter selection, Snapshot data capture, etc.), plus geofencing, automatic logging, data email, and a mercifully simple menu structure. With mantaLink’s black background and large, white letters, your data device is easily read in sunlight.


You’ve never seen this performance at this price in a water-quality monitor.

  • spot-checking
  • remote telemetry
  • water and wastewater
  • education and research
  • aquaculture
  • unattended logging
  • lakes, rivers, estuaries
  • process control
  • laboratory
  • ground water

The EasyProbe20 package includes:

a multiprobe with the sensors for temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and pH in a 1.95” diameter; five-meter underwater cable; weighted sensor guard, mantaMobile Bluetooth battery pack, tool and maintenance kit, and a soft carrying case.

The EasyProbe30 package includes:

the same as the EasyProbe20 except it includes a turbidity sensor in a 2.95” diameter design (and optional internal logging battery pack).

You can modify your EasyProbe package by adding or subtracting components and accessories. Options include: ORP and depth and level sensors, USB adapter, 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-m underwater cables, integrated SDI-12 and MODBUS output for connection to third-party devices, Bluetooth-equipped tablet (Apple and Android) with rugged field enclosure, flow cell, copper anti-fouling kit, pipe kit, telemetry kit, and calibration solutions.

EasyProbe Specifications

Multiprobe specification charts often come with footnotes stating qualifications such as “accuracy specification good at the time and temperature of calibration” or “all values within 1 standard deviation” or “SC accuracy applies only at the calibration point”. To avoid eyestrain from reading small print, the EasyProbe specification chart has “lab accuracy” and “field accuracy” columns. The latter gives you a more realistic idea of how your multiprobe performs, over time, under common, varying field conditions.

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