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The patented integrating cavity design means that little or no scattering correction is needed. Built with solid-state optics and electronics, ICAM provides excellent reliability and low power consumption in a fully integrated package. Absorption can be measured from 0.001 m-1 to a maximum of 15 m-1. Data can be collected at a maximum rate of six measurements per second using the ICAM GUI. Alternately, ICAM can be configured for standalone operation running off battery power with data logged internally at a maximum rate of one measurement per second. Each measurement has a date/time stamp and may contain up to nine (9) absorption values depending on the wavelengths selected.

  • 9 wavelengths – UV to Red
  • Minimal to no scattering effects
  • Excellent sensitivity & range
  • Low power, standalone operation
  • Solid-state optics and electronics in an integrated package


ICAM Wavelengths
365, 440, 488, 510, 532, 555, 590, 630, 676

ICAM Physical Specifications
Weight in Air 15 kg; 33 lbs
Length 78.7 cm; 31 in
Diameter 17.8 cm; 7 in
– Pressure Hull
– Endcaps, Handles, Supports
Titanium Type 2
Acetal Plastic
Temperature -2 to 50 degrees C
Depth 0 to 200 meters
ICAM Total Volume 0.4L
Max Flow Rate 4.5L/min

ICAM Electrical Specifications
Output Digital (ASCII)
Interface USB, RS-232
Data Output Rate Maximum 1/sec RS-232; 6/sec USB
Minimum Power Supply 8 – 30 volts; 25 watts



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