Van Essen

USB Diver Reading Unit

Communicate with any Diver
The USB Reading Unit can be used for programming, reading settings or data of the Diver. The conductivity sensor of the CTD-Diver can be calibrated using the USB Reading Unit.

Connect the USB Reading Unit to the USB port of your PC, Laptop, or Pocket-PC (e.g. Archer). Simply insert the Diver into the base of the USB Reading Unit and you are ready to communicate with your Diver.

The USB Reading Unit can be used in the field or the office and supports all Divers.

Note: Diver-Office/Diver-Pocket must be installed to be able to communicate with the Diver


USB Reading Unit drivers
The USB Reading Unit driver is automatically installed when Diver-Office/Diver-Pocket is installed. In case you want to re-install the drivers for the PC you can download them from the Schlumberger web site.


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