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Diver Reader Unit

The Diver Reader Unit connects to a USB port of a PC, Laptop and/or Tablet and allows users to communicate directly to their mobile device.

Logged data can be downloaded easily using the Diver Reader.

Simply insert any Diver into a Diver Reader and connect using the free Diver Software (2022).  Once connected, the Diver can be programmed, settings can be changed and or data can be read/downloaded.

The Diver Reader connects to a USB port of a PC, Laptop and/or Tablet.

Note: Diver Software (2022) must be installed to be able to communicate with the Diver.

Diver Reader


Diver Reader unit: Diver Family

The Diver Reader is compatible with all Diver models including:

• TD-Diver
• Baro-Diver
• CTD-Diver
• Cera-Diver
• Micro-Diver


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This product is manufactured by Van Essen and proudly represented by Aqualab Scientific.


• Supports all Divers
• Calibrate the conductivity sensor of the CTD-Diver

• One reading device for all Divers
• Plug-and-play


Diver Reader Unit Spec


Available models include:

  • Diver Reader (USB)
    Product number#
Diver Family Brochure (AUS)

Diver Family Brochure (AUS)

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Diver Accessories Brochure (AUS)

Diver Accessories Brochure (AUS)

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  • Using the Diver Reader
  • Diver Overview
  • Introducing Diver Office (2020)

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