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The OTT C31 Universal Current Meter is a portable flow / velocity meter designed to capture measurements from either in-situ hand-held wading rods, or cable based applications, such as cable a suspended from a bridge or boat.  It is perfect for the flow / velocity measurement of rivers, open drainage, or pipelines.

The OTT C31 is connected to a compact OTT Z400 digital counter that records the number of propellor revolutions by measuring electrical impulses.

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  • Cost reduction owing to low maintenance requirements and simple, inexpensive handling. The robust construction and high-quality materials allow operation even under difficult conditions with high accuracy. Low starting speed due to robust ball bearings. Reinforced meter spindle.

• Specifications

Flow velocity from 0.025 m/s to 10 m/s
Current meter  1 pulse/revolution
reed relay contact  lifetime > 1 million contacts switches
Operating voltage range  max. 9V DC
Magnetic switch  pressure-tight up to 30bar
Material- meter body  brass – gal Ni 8mt
Material – propeller  gal Ni 12 high gloss
alternative -plastic  – Hostaform C , yellow
Size dia. x length up to tip of propeller  ø35 x 310mm
Weight w/o propeller  1.26 kg
OTT C31 Brochure

OTT C31 Brochure

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OTT C31 & Accessories Brochure

OTT C31 & Accessories Brochure

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OTT C31 User Manual

OTT C31 User Manual

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OTT Z400 User Manual

OTT Z400 User Manual

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