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Compact CF Bubbler

The Compact Constant Flow Bubbler (Part #56-0133-25-1S), 50% smaller than Sutron’s original Constant Flow Bubbler, is a self-contained, precision device to measure water levels & temperature. It consists of a pump, tank, manifold, control board, display/keypad & enclosure. The new Compact CF Bubbler houses all components within a 10.5”x 8.5”x 7.5” polycarbonate NEMA-4X enclosure. An optional external desiccant is available. The Compact Constant Flow Bubbler’s built-in precision Accubar® Pressure Sensor meets the high accuracy requirements for stream gaging & monitoring of tidal/coastal areas, estuaries, groundwater & reservoirs. The Bubbler includes a built-in datalogger for stand-alone operation and/ or backup (redundant) data recording and RS232 and SDI-12 ports for communications and maintenance. The front panel includes a display and keypad. It also supports MODBUS.

  • 50% smaller than the original Constant Flow Bubbler (by volume)
  • Optional water temperature measurements
  • Fast-track mode
  • Self-contained system needing only external power & outlet tubing/ orifice
  • Long desiccant life (up to 1 year)
  • Adjustable bubble rate
  • Auto-zero function
  • Supports MODBUS protocol
  • Configurable averaging
  • User-variable auto purge & user-forced purge option
  • Flexible auto blockage detection
  • Modifiable auto measurement & logging
  • Built-in flash log for over 300,000 readings
  • Stand-alone or operation with other loggers/communication devices
  • Precision Accubar® Pressure Sensor
  • Front panel setup & maintenance.
  • SDI-12/RS232 interfaces compatible with loggers, cell modems, SatLink2 Transmitter/Logger
  • Swing-out front panel for easy maintenance.
  • Easier re-calibration
  • 3 Levels of filtration
  • Single orifice


  • Measurement Interval:
Stage/Level Internal Temperature Battery Pressure
  • Automeasure Interval
1 second to 24 hours
  • Accuracy Stage/Level/Pressure
0-20 ft.:±0.01 ft. 20-57.5 ft:±0.05% reading Reference to ft. based on USGS conversion factor 2.3073 ft. water per psi.
  • Measurement Technique
Constant Flow Bubbler with user-programmed bubble rate. Pressure measured by Sutron Accubar® Sensor.
  • Stage/Level/Pressure Range
25 psi, 57 ft (17 meters)
  • Measurement Technique
Platinum RTD (385 or 392) or Precision thermistor.
  • Maximum Purge Pressure
50 psi
  • Desiccant
Silica gel, lasts up to a year
  • Outlet
4/6mm tube or 3/8″ tube
  • Enclosure
Polycarbonate NEMA-4X
  • Communication Ports
SDI-12, RS232, RS485
  • Operating Temperature
-25°C to +60°C standard, -40°C to +60°C optional
  • Display Type
2—20 LCD with backlight
  • Keypad Type
6 button
  • Memory
Built-in flash, >300,000 readings, SD card included, no USB
  • Ethernet
  • Power Requirements
12 to 16 VDC
  • Max Current
4 amps for 25 psi unit
  • Communication Protocols Supported
MODBUS (via RS232 only), SDI-12, command line
  • Setup
Via front panel, command line or SDI-12
  • Device Dimensions
Height 10.5″ (26.7cm), Length 7.5″ (19.1cm), Width 8.5″ (21.6cm), Weight (including enclosure) 12.2 lbs without dessicant (5.6 Kg)


Sutron CF Bubbler User Manual

Sutron CF Bubbler User Manual

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Additional files
Sutron CF Bubbler Installation Guide

Sutron CF Bubbler Installation Guide

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