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ecolog 1000

The OTT ecoLog 1000 is a robust, self-contained, 4G enabled groundwater level logger designed for measuring:

• Water Level
• Temperature
• Conductivity (optional)

The OTT ecoLog allows Field Operators to collect, log & telemeter precise & accurate water quality data within a single turnkey solution.


ecoLog 1000 models

The OTT ecoLog is available in four different models:

• OTT ecoLog with battery
• OTT ecoLog with battery & with conductivity
• OTT ecoLog without battery
• OTT ecoLog without battery & with conductivity

Available measurement ranges include:

• 0m – 4m
• 0m – 10m
• 0m – 20m
• 0m – 40m
• 0m – 100m

Conductivity Option

The OTT ecoLog is available with an optional conductivity sensor.

• Measuring range:  5μS/cm to 100,000μS/cm
• Accuracy: ±0.5% of measured value (± 1μS/cm minimum)
• Resolution: 1μS/cm
• Units of Measurement: μS/cm or mS/cm


Bluetooth Communication

Local communication is simple using a smart phone APP (via integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)) on the following devices:

• Android
• iOS
• Mac
• Windows 10 devices

Configure the OTT ecoLog and monitor data remotely with integrated two-way mobile communication to avoid unnecessary, expensive trips to your measurement site and send encrypted data with automatic retries if transmission fails.

No additional cables or dongles are required.  😁

ecoLog 1000


Telemetry Communication

Telemetered data (two-way) is sent through either HTTP(S) or FTP, via an integrated modem using IoT LTE-M (CAT M1) communication, keeping Operators better informed before & after field trips.

Operators can also utilize a bundled solution with OTT HydroMet data hosting solutions, which provides access to web-based data visualization and alarm management.

Telemetered data can be automatically transmitted to multiple locations (up to four Servers) for maximum redundancy.

The logger’s long-lasting battery dramatically reduces expensive & unscheduled trips to measurement sites.

ecoLog 1000



Antenna Options

Telemetered communication from groundwater wells is facilitated by a range of antenna options.

OTT ecoCap
• Specifically designed for ecoLog
• Secures on well without threads
• Robust aluminium housing, weatherproof antenna protection cover, ABS plastic with UV resistant coating.

OTT topCap with rod antenna
• Heavy duty metal construction with robust antenna cover
• Threads on to well pipes w. BPT threads
• Comes with antenna cable to attach ecoLog antenna to antenna cover
• Tamper proof and lockable (uses Pentagon wrench)

ecoLog 100 Antenna



OTT Logo

This product is manufactured by OTT and proudly represented by Aqualab Scientific.


• Groundwater, in well solution
• Surface water, in pipe solution
• Urban to remote locations with mobile signal
• For fresh, brackish, or salt water

Used by:
• Municipal, state, and federal government agencies
• Water resource managers, scientists, and technicians
• Universities and research centers
• Consultants and engineers

Designed for:
• Ground and surface water level monitoring
• Short-term and long term continuous monitoring to collect more data, more often
• Access the data anytime and anywhere with internet or cell connection (in conjunction with a data hosting bundle)
• Monitor water level rises, drought, climate change, water availability, and water use over time
• Precise and accurate water level data in near real-time


ecoLog 1000 specifications


Available models include:

  • OTT ecoLog with battery
    Product number# 5545000190-L
  • OTT ecoLog with battery & with conductivity
    Product number# 5545000190-LC
  • OTT ecoLog without battery
    Product number# 5545000190-L
  • OTT ecoLog without battery & with conductivity
    Product number# 5545000190-LC
ecoLog 1000 Brochure (AUS)

ecoLog 1000 Brochure (AUS)

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ecoLog 1000 Brochure (AUS)

ecoLog 1000 Brochure (AUS)

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ecoLog 1000 User Manual

ecoLog 1000 User Manual

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Hydromet Cloud Brochure - Small (AUS)

Hydromet Cloud Brochure - Small (AUS)

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Hydromet Cloud Brochure - Large (AUS)

Hydromet Cloud Brochure - Large (AUS)

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Additional files
ecolog 1000 Technical Specifications (AUS)

ecolog 1000 Technical Specifications (AUS)

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ecoLog 1000 Application Note

ecoLog 1000 Application Note

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Optional Accessories
  • Desiccant Cartridge (2pk)
    Product number# 9710029695
  • OTT Cable Stripping Tool
    Product number# 9900013695
  • USB Bluetooth Adapter
    Product number# 9796121095
  • ecoCap (2-4")
    Product number# 5544601592
  • ecoCap (3")
    Product number# 5544601792
  • ecoCap (4")
    Product number# 5544601692
  • Well Adapter (ecoCap installation on 4.5" well)
    Product number# 5553047831
  • Well Adapter (ecoCap installation on 5" well)
    Product number# 5553047931
  • Well Adapter (ecoCap installation on 6" well)
    Product number# 5553048031
  • OTT top cap 2" with rod antenna
    Product number# 5544603092
  • OTT top cap 3" with rod antenna
    Product number# 5544603192
  • OTT top cap 4" with rod antenna
    Product number# 5544603292
  • OTT top cap 5" with rod antenna
    Product number# 5544603392
  • OTT top cap 6" with rod antenna
    Product number# 5544603492
  • Pentagon Wrench
    Product number# 2025009541
  • Introducing the ecoLog 1000
  • Installing the ecoLog 1000 (USA)
  • Installing the ecoLog 1000 (UK)

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