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The OTT Compact Bubbler System (CBS) is a lightweight water level bubble gauge, design to measure water levels accurately for up to 30m.

Different to common water level meters, a Compact Bubbler System operates on a highly accurate drift-free air bubble principle.  This technology utilizes a small piston pump to compress air through a measuring tube and bubble chamber into a water column.  By comparing barometric pressure to the bubble pressure, the Compact Bubbler System calculates water level height.

Due to the indirect measurement principle, and with no electronic parts in the water, Compact Bubbler Systems are particularly suitable for monitoring areas prone to lightning strikes.




CBS Models

Three Compact Bubbler System models are available:

• OTT Compact Bubbler System (15m / ± 5mm accuracy)
• OTT Compact Bubbler System (30m / ± 5mm accuracy)
• OTT Compact Bubbler System USGS (15m / ± 3 – 5mm accuracy)


CBS Data Output

The OTT Compact Bubbler System is capable of outputting water level data as:

• SDI-12
• 4/20 mA
• RS-485

The OTT Compact Bubbler System can be configured either output mode by configuring the 8 DIP switches located on the underside of the device.


Compact Bubbler System


Outputted units of measurement include:

• Meters (m)
• Centimeters (cm)
• Feet (ft)
• MBar


OTT Logo

This product is manufactured by OTT and proudly represented by Aqualab Scientific.


Meets and exceeds USGS guidelines for water level accuracy, and will not drift over time.

Complete Solution
Combining the CBS with an EPS-50 bubble chamber reduces the influence of wave action and prevents unnecessary noise in your data.

Low Maintenance
No desiccant, pump maintenance, or lubrication required.

All programming can be completed using DIP switches; connect into existing platforms using 3/8′ O.D. or 4mm O.D. measuring tube (no adapters required).

Compact Size
Small and powerful pump motor generates the required volume of air to perform measurement.

Low Power
Intelligent pumping strategy compares the previous measurement to the actual pressure at the current measurement, and optimizes the pumping time depending on the difference (i.e., small changes in level are measured with very short pump cycles).


CBS Specification


Available models include:

  • OTT Compact Bubbler System Standard (15m / ± 5mm accuracy)
    Product number# 6320000192-1
  • OTT Compact Bubbler System 30 (30m / ± 5mm accuracy)
    Product number# 6320000192-2
  • OTT Compact Bubbler System USGS (15m / ± 3 - 5mm accuracy)
    Product number# 6320000192-3
OTT Compact Bubbler System Brochure (AUS)

OTT Compact Bubbler System Brochure (AUS)

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OTT Compact Bubbler System User Manual

OTT Compact Bubbler System User Manual

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Additional files
OTT Compact Bubbler System Datasheet

OTT Compact Bubbler System Datasheet

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Optional Accessories
  • Measuring Tube (2mmID / 4mm OD) - per meter
    Product number# 2050013355
  • Measuring Tube (2mmID / 4mm OD) - 50m
    Product number# 9942005095
  • Measuring Tube (2mmID / 4mm OD) - 100m
    Product number# 9942010095
  • Nylon Measuring Tube (4mmID / 6mm OD) - 100m
    Product number# PSI
  • Straight Pipe Fitting (1/8"ID / 3/8"OD)
    Product number#
  • Groundwater Bubble Chamber (4mm - 6mm)
    Product number# 55.510.051.4.2
  • Air Drying Unit (includes bracket, sieve & breather)
    Product number# 97.100.320.9.5.ET
  • OTT CBS Webinar
OTT CBS Firmware

OTT CBS Firmware

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