Cyclops 7

Cyclops 7

The Cyclops-7 is a single parameter logger, designed to interface with the below range of Turner Designs water quality sensors:

• Chlorophyll
• Chlorophyll (Red Excitation)
• Rhodamine
• Fluorescein
• Phycocyanin (Blue Green Algae, Freshwater)
• Phycoerythrin (Blue Green Algae, Marine)
• Crude Oil
• Optical Brighteners
• Refined Fuels
• Tryptophan
• Turbidity

Cyclops 7


Cyclops 7 Models

There are two models available:

• Cyclops 7 (with interchangeable sensors)
• Cyclops 7 (with Factory set, non-interchangeable sensors)


Cyclops 7 Sensor Specifications 

Each recorded sample includes the sensor measurement, time, date, logger battery voltage & gain, with the logger automatically selecting the appropriate sensor gain.

Cyclops 7 Specifications


Data Download Options

Data can be downloaded via a standard USB cable.  When connected to a computer, the logger displays as a connected “thumb drive” making logged data simple to access.

Adjustments to the logging regime, such as setting the time & sample interval, can be accomplished via the USB cable.



Design, construction and material choice have been specifically developed to create the durable Cyclops 7 Logger.  The outer case is constructed from Delrin, a hard plastic material that will withstand your most challenging environment.


The product is proudly manufactured by PME and exclusively represented by Aqualab Scientific within Australia.



• Replaceable Batteries
• Long Lasting in the field
• 100 Meter Depth Rating
• User-friendly
• Visualization software included


Cyclops 7 Specifications


Available models include:

  • Cyclops 7 (with interchangeable sensors) - requires sensor (below)
    Product number# 7401
  • Cyclops 7 (with Factory set, non-interchangeable sensors) - requires sensor (below)
    Product number# 7400
  • USB communication cable (required)
    Product number# 7286
  • Chlorophyll Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-C
  • Chlorophyll Sensor (Red Excitation)
    Product number# 2110-000-D
  • Rhodamine Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-R
  • Fluorescein Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-F
  • Phycocyanin Sensor (Blue-Green Algae, Freshwater)
    Product number# 2110-000-P
  • Phycoerythrin Sensor (Blue-Green Algae, Marine)
    Product number# 2110-000-E
  • CDOM/FDOM Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-U
  • Crude Oil Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-O
  • Optical Brighteners Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-B
  • PTSA Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-A
  • Refined Fuels Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-G
  • Tryptophan Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-L
  • Turbidity Sensor
    Product number# 2110-000-T
Cyclops 7 Logger Fixed Sensor Brochure (AUS)

Cyclops 7 Logger Fixed Sensor Brochure (AUS)

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Cyclops 7 Logger Interchangeable Sensor Brochure (AUS)

Cyclops 7 Logger Interchangeable Sensor Brochure (AUS)

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Cyclops 7 Logger Fixed Sensor User Manual

Cyclops 7 Logger Fixed Sensor User Manual

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Additional files
Cyclops 7 Schematic

Cyclops 7 Schematic

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Optional Accessories
  • Logger Maintenance Kit
    Product number# 7768
  • Stainless Steel 316 Sensor Guard
    Product number# 7214
  • Cyclops 7 Logger Traces Fluorescein in Nepal
Cyclops 7 Software (2023)

Cyclops 7 Software (2023)

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