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DataBank Datalogger

The DataBank handheld datalogger is a rugged & self-contained, universal meter, datalogger, GPS & power supply that is used in combination with either a C-FLUOR or CYCLOPS 7F submersible sensor.

Sensor power is provided from the DataBank’s internal rechargeable battery. Various sensor cable lengths are available to allow sampling at different depths.

The DataBank handheld datalogger records high-frequency data which can be downloaded and graphically displayed on a PC.

GPS data is integrated into the DataBank handheld datalogger. Each line of data that is stored or exported contains time, date, and position information as well as the sample measurement. Integrated GPS data is important when conducting dye trace studies, mapping algal blooms or looking for the presence of optical brighteners as an indicator of wastewater contamination. Small and lightweight, the DataBank handheld datalogger is ideal for remote field work.

  • Stores up to 9,999 records and 16 calibrations
  • Includes auto-gain function
  • Simplifies sensor calibration
  • Station provides protection against corrosion, windblown dust and rain, water splash-down
  • Works with Cyclops-7™ Submersible Sensors
  • new Works with C-sense™ pCO2 Sensors

DataBank Electrical Specifications
Selectable Voltage: Software selectable 3 to 12 volts
Sensor Current: 150 mA at 3V to 100 mA at 12V
Parameters Warm-up Time: 0-25 seconds
Gain: 1-4
Inputs Input Selection: Switch; Differential Voltage, Differential Current or Dual Current
Range: 0-5V or 0-25 mA
Resolution: 12 bits
Sampling Rate: 1000 Hz (bursts); groups of bursts re-averaged @ 30 Hz
Outputs Two, Open Drain, up to 200 mA @ 15V max
(Used primarily for gain selection)
Storage Non-Volatile, 1280 Kb
(9,999 records, 1 record = sensor reading, date, time and location)
Current Draw Computer: < = 45 mA (at full charge). Sleeping < 20 uA
LCD Backlight: Full power ~ 30 mA. Low Power ~ 15 mA
Battery Type: NiMH rechargable, 4.8 volts, 4,000 mA/Hr.
Life: Continuous up to 70 hours (dependant on sensor/settings)
Note: When using the DataBank with the C-sense, it is recommended that the voltage be set to 6 and the warm-up time be set to 3 minutes.  Using these settings with a 5 minute sampling interval, you can expect a fully charged DataBank to collect 300 samples.
Charge Time ~3 hours (for a fully discharged battery; ambient @ 25 degrees C)
Communications USB

Handheld DataBank Physical Specifications
Size Main body: 4.6″W x 3.2″H, x 3.4″D, Handle: 4.8″ long
(117mm W x 81mm H x 86 mm D, Handle: 122mm)
Overall: 11”H (279 mm H) with handle, strain-relief and connector.
Weight 1.7 lb. (.76 kg) w/o pigtail

DataBank Station Physical Specifications
Size 8.27”W x 8.27”H x 5.12”D (210 mm W x 210 mm H x 130 mm D)
Weight 3.45 lb. (1.56 kg) w/o pigtail
Enclosure Approximates IP66 & NEMA 4x
Dessicant provides quick indication of moisture intrusion

Cyclops-7 Performance
Linearity 0.99R2

Application Minimum Detection Limit Dynamic Range
CDOM/FDOM 0.15 ppb**
0.5 ppb***
0-1250 ppb**
0-5000 ppb***
Chlorophyll in vivo
  Blue Excitation
Red Excitation
0.025 μg/L
0.5 μg/L
0-500 μg/L
>500 μg/L
Fluorescein Dye 0.01 ppb 0-500 ppb
Oil – Crude 0.2 ppb*** 0-2700 ppb***
Oil – Fine 10 ppb*
10 ppm****
>10,000 ppb*
>100 ppm****
Optical Brighteners 0.6 ppb*** 0-15,000 ppb***
(Freshwater Cyanobacteria)
2 ppbPC 0-40,000 ppbPC
(Marine Cyanobacteria)
0.15 ppbPE 0-750 ppbPE
PTSA Dye 0.1 ppb*** 0-650 ppb***
Rhodamine Dye 0.01 ppb 0-1000 ppb
Tryptophan 3 ppb >20,000 ppb
Turbidity 0.05 NTU 0-3000 NTU

* 1,5 Napthalene Disulfonic Disodium Salt
** Quinine Sulfate
*** PTSA (1,3, 6, 8 – Pyrenetetrasulfonic Acid Tetrasodium Salt)
**** BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes)
PC Phycocyanin pigment from Prozyme diluted in Deionized water
PE Phycoerythrin pigment from Prozyme diluted in Deionized water

Cyclops-7 Physical Dimensions
Length x Diameter 5.7″ x 0.9″; 14.48 x 2.23 cm (SSt or Ti)
5.7″ x 1.25″, 14.48 x 3.18 cm (Delrin)
Weight 5.0 oz; 142 grams

Cyclops-7 Environmental Characteristics
Temperature Range Ambient: 0 to 50 deg C
Water Temp: -2 to 50 deg C
Depth Range 600 meters
Signal Output 0 – 5 VDC
Supply Voltage Range 3 – 15 VDC

Additional files
Turner Designs DataBank Logger Quick Start Guide

Turner Designs DataBank Logger Quick Start Guide

Download now
Optional Accessories
  • DataBank Handheld Datalogger: Replacement PC/Power USB interface cable
    Product number# 021-2903
  • DataBank Handheld Datalogger: Carry Case
    Product number# 142-2900
  • DataBank Handheld Datalogger: 12 V DC Power Supply Car Adapter
    Product number# 2900-151
  • DataBank Handheld Datalogger: RS232 Cable
    Product number# 021-2900
  • DataBank Handheld Datalogger: Replacement Power Supply
    Product number# 7000-941

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