Liner Sampler Set

The Eijkelkamp Liner Sampler Set (#04.15.SB) is a world-class hand auger set, designed specifically for the sampling of undisturbed soils.

Standard hand auger cutting tips are used to dig to the desired sampling depth.  A Stainless Steel core sampler (with plastic liner) is then attached to auger set and driven into the ground using a “beating head” t-handle (included) and shock absorbing mallet (included).   Core samples can be removed, sealed and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

In softer soils, the Stainless Steel core sampler can be pushed into the ground using a push / pull handle (included).

Typical applications include:

• Contaminated sites assessment.
• Soil sampling above groundwater table.
• Soil sampling below groundwater table.
• Environmental soil research.
• Undisturbed sampling.
• Soil texture research.
• Root zone sampling.

The Eijkelkamp Liner Sampler Set (#04.15.SB) includes:

• 1 x Edelman Auger (sand).
• 1 x Riverside Auger.
• 1 x Stainless Steel Core Sampler.
• 5 x Sample Tubes.
• 1 x T-Handle (beating head).
• 1 x Impact Absorbing Hammer.
• 1 x  Down the Hole Hammer.
• various maintenance equipment.
• 1 x Heavy Duty Carry Case.

  • Liner allows easy removal of sample
  • View the sample directly in the field
  • View the sample without touching
  • Set B more applicable for harder soils
  • Stainless steel sampler body
  • Liner will sorb volatiles
Connection screwthread
Maximum root thickness 10 mm
Maximum sample depth 7 m
Product material stainless steel, iron, other material
Sample diameter 50 mm
Sample length

300 mm

Sample specification undisturbed
Sample stored in tube
Sample volume 590 ml
Package size 130 x 50 x 72 cm
Weight 38 kg


Soil sampling above groundwater table

Soil sampling below groundwater table

Environmental soil research

Undisturbed sampling

Soil texture research

Root zone sampling

Eijkelkamp Liner Sampler Set (04.15.SB) - User Manual

Eijkelkamp Liner Sampler Set (04.15.SB) - User Manual

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  • Liner Sampler Set (04.15.SB) - Manufacturing the Edelman Auger

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