Prospecting Kit

The Eijkelkamp Prospecting Kit (#01.16) has been specifically designed for use in heterogeneous soils, and is suitable for almost any soil type.

Designed for use by a single operator, the Eijkelkamp Prospecting Kit is highly portable.  Each kit includes a quiver style backpack that allows all augers, extensions & handles to be carried by one person, without undue physical effort. A standard kit weighs approximately 17kgs.

Typical applications include:

• Contaminated sites assessment.
• Soil sampling above groundwater table.
• Soil sampling below groundwater table.
• Environmental soil research.
• Undisturbed sampling.
• Soil texture research.

The Eijkelkamp Prospecting Kit (#01.16) includes:

• 1 x Ergonomic T-Handle.
• 1 x Edelman Auger (sand).
• 1 x Edelman Auger (coarse sand).
• 1 x Edelman Auger (combination).
• 1 x Edelman Auger (clay).
• 1 x Riverside Auger.
• 1 x Stoney Soils Auger.
• 6 x Extension rods (bayonet fitting).
• 1 x Light Weight Carry Bag.

Using a hand auger kit has never been easier.  Eijkelkamp have included their world famous “bayonet fitting” to ensure the interchange of extension rods & cutting heads can be undertaken with a minimum of effort.

The Eijkelkamp Prospecting Kit (01.16) contains enough hardware to reach a depth of 7 meters in both hard and soft soils.

Connection bayonet
Maximum sample depth 7 m
Product material iron, other material
Sample diameter 7 cm
Sample length 10 cm
Sample specification disturbed
Sampler position vertical
Package size 117 x 27 x 23 cm
Weight 18 kg


Soil profile description and classification

Soil sampling above groundwater table

Soil sampling below groundwater table

Eijkelkamp Prospecting Kit (01.16) - User Manual

Eijkelkamp Prospecting Kit (01.16) - User Manual

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Additional files
Prospecting Kit Rust on Augers & Gouges

Prospecting Kit Rust on Augers & Gouges

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