Ergonomic Hand Auger Set

The Eijkelkamp Ergonomic Hand Auger Set (01.11.SE) is the clear “all rounder” of the Hand Auger market, with the added benefit of being ergonomically efficient & comfortable to use.   This Hand Auger set has been ergonomically designed with the intention of reducing back twisting & bending, thus significantly reducing operator injury in the field.

The Eijkelkamp Ergonomic Hand Auger Set (01.11.SE) is perfect for soil sampling in a range soil types, being particularly suitable for heterogeneous soil investigation (composition, geology, mineralogy) and environmental research.

Typical applications include:

• Contaminated sites assessment.
• Soil sampling above groundwater table.
• Soil sampling below groundwater table.
• Environmental soil research.
• Undisturbed sampling.
• Soil texture research.

Using a hand auger kit has never been easier.  Eijkelkamp have included their world famous “bayonet fitting” to ensure the interchange of extension rods & cutting heads can be undertaken with a minimum of effort.

Complete with multiple cutting heads, carry case, and extensions, the Eijkelkamp Ergonomic Hand Auger Set (01.11.SE) can be used to manually sample down to a depth of 5m.

The Eijkelkamp Ergonomic Hand Auger Set (01.11.SE) includes:

• 1 x Ergonomic T-Handle.
• 1 x Edelman Auger (sand).
• 1 x Edelman Auger (coarse sand).
• 1 x Edelman Auger (combination).
• 1 x Edelman Auger (clay).
• 1 x Riverside Auger.
• 1 x Stoney Soils Auger.
• 1 x Spiral Auger.
• 1 x Gouge Auger.
• 4 x Auger Extension Rods.
• 1 x Wire Brush.
• 1 x Light Weight Carry Bag.
• 1 x Heavy Duty Carry Case.

Connection bayonet
Drilling diameter 7 cm
Maximum sample depth 5 m
Product material iron, other material
Sample length 10 cm
Sample specification disturbed
Sampler position vertical
Package size 120 x 65 x 30 cm
Weight 29 kg


Soil profile description and classification
Soil sampling above groundwater table
Soil sampling below groundwater table
Archaeological soil research
Environmental soil research


Available models include:

  • Ergonomic Hand Auger Set
    Product number# 01.11.SE
  • Ergonomic Hand Auger Set (01.11.SE) - Hand Augers for Heterogeneous soils
  • Ergonomic Hand Auger Set (01.11.SE) - Using an Eijkelkamp Hand Auger
  • Ergonomic Hand Auger Set (01.11.SE) - Manufacturing the Edelman Auger

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