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miniDOT Clear

miniDOT Clear

The miniDOT Clear is a completely submersible datalogger that measures & records:

• Dissolved Oxygen
• Temperature

An internal LCD screen displays real-time measurements!

Depth rating is a massive 100m!

Each miniDOT logger kit includes a:

• Optical LDO sensor
• Temperature sensor
• Batteries
• Micro-SD memory card


MiniDOT Clear Sensor Specifications 

• DO range:  0 to 150% saturation
• DO accuracy:  +/- 5% measurement range
• DO resolution:  0.01mg/L

• Temperature range: 0°C to 35°C
• Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.1°C
• Temperature resolution:  10 millidegree




Data Download Options

Data can be downloaded via a standard USB cable.  When connected to a computer, the logger displays as a connected “thumb drive” making logged data simple to access.

Adjustments to the logging regime, such as setting the time & sample interval, can be accomplished via the USB cable.



The miniWIPER is a self-contained, completely submersible, wiping device that can combined with the miniDOT Clear.



The miniWIPER incorporates a small brush that rotates over the dissolved oxygen sensor surface before resting in a home position.  Wiping intervals can be programmed from one time only, hourly or daily.

The miniWIPER is powered from two AA Lithium batteries.

The maximum depth rating for the miniWIPER is 25m.

miniWIPER Specifications


Copper Anti-fouling Option

To limit the potential of biofouling, miniDOT Clear offers a copper anti-fouling option that can be attached when required.




The product is proudly manufactured by PME and exclusively represented by Aqualab Scientific within Australia.



Plug and Play Software
PME is dedicated to accessibility and offers our software for free. It is available with each instrument simply by plugging your logger into your computer with the communication cable.

 Field Replaceable Batteries
Many loggers require custom lithium batteries that can only be replaced by their manufacturers. The miniDOT, however, use two AA batteries, these can be easily replaced by anyone.

miniWIPER Compatible
The WIPER offers hands-off antifouling, and extends the reliability of data measurements during long term deployments where the researchers cannot maintain the instruments themselves.

One Year Deployment
Many researchers need to collect reliable data over long periods of time. The miniDOT Clear is a stable instrument and only requires recalibration every year to maintain accuracy.

No Reoccurring Cap Purchases
The miniDOT Clear does not require routine cap replacement purchases to continue deployment. It has a recommended yearly maintenance schedule that serves to check-in on the device.

Portable and Durable
Many deployment sites require many hours of travel to be reached. This means that every pound counts. The PME miniDOT Clear is extremely compact and durable.



Available models include:

  • miniDOT Clear Dissolved Oxygen Logger
    Product number# 7405
miniDOT Clear Brochure (AUS)

miniDOT Clear Brochure (AUS)

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miniWiIPER Brochure (AUS)

miniWiIPER Brochure (AUS)

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miniDOT Clear Logger User Manual

miniDOT Clear Logger User Manual

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Additional files
miniDOT Copper Mesh Installation Guide

miniDOT Copper Mesh Installation Guide

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Optional Accessories
  • Communications Cable
    Product number# 7286
  • Anti-fouling Mesh Kit
    Product number# 4405
  • Logger Maintenance Kit
    Product number# 7436
  • miniWIPER Maintenance Kit
    Product number# 5980
  • miniDOT Clear - Dissolved Oxygen monitoring on farms
  • miniDOT Clear - Overview
  • miniWIPER operation by PME
miniDOT Software (2023)

miniDOT Software (2023)

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