Water Quality Sensors



ISE is a reference electrode immersed in a solution of fixed ion concentration separated by a membrane containing a chemical compound that reacts with the ion of interest, measuring electrical potential that varies with concentration.



  • Applications of chloride ion measurement include monitoring landfills for leaks, tracing the movement of point-or non-point source pollutants (for instance, storm water runoff) within a natural water body, monitoring estuarine waters for changes in salinity, and detection of salt water intrusion into drinking water supplies (ground or surface waters). Chloride does not react with or adsorb to most components of rocks and soils, and so is easily transported through water columns. Therefore, it is an effective tracer or surrogate for pollution from chemicals moving from anthropogenic sources into natural water bodies.

Chloride Sensor

Range 0.5 … 18,000 mg/L
Accuracy Greater of ± 5% of reading,
or ± 2 mg/L
Resolution 4 digits
Max Depth 15 m


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