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The OTT C2 is a flow / velocity meter specifically designed for shallow water applications such as small rivers & channels.  This velocity meter can work in depth as shallow as 4cm and record velocities as low as 2.5cm per second.


The OTT C31 Universal Current Meter is a portable flow / velocity meter designed to capture measurements from either in-situ hand-held wading rods, or cable based applications, such as cable a suspended from a bridge or boat.  It is perfect for the flow / velocity measurement of rivers, open drainage, or pipelines.

The OTT C31 is connected to a compact OTT Z400 digital counter that records the number of propellor revolutions by measuring electrical impulses.

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Data Hosting

You get all the features and flexibility of addVANTAGE Pro, without the need to install and maintain the software. Our server is always updated to the latest build, giving you first access to new features. The hosting service may be used with both our mobile phone and UHF based telemetry units.

Surveyor4 Display

The Hydrolab Surveyor 4 Display is no longer manufactured & has been replaced by:

• Hydrolab HL4
• Hydrolab HL7


Discontinued item.

Spare parts still available for sale.


Diver-SDI is a SDI interface module for Diver Dataloggers.

Diver-SDSI can be used to connect Divers to remote monitoring systems using SDI protocols.  It features a barometric sensor, which can be used to convert pressure values into water level.

A typical SDI-12 system is depicted in the figure below.  In the schematic two Diver-SDI modules are connected to a SDI-12 recorder, via a 3-wire SDI-12 bus which also include the power supply of 12 Volt.  On the other end a Diver cable (AS2xxx) is attached to connect the Diver-SDI to a Diver. Diver cables up to a length of 500 meter can be used with the Diver-SDI.




Diver-SDI: Diver Family

The Diver SDI module is compatible with all members of the Diver family including:

• TD-Diver
• Baro-Diver
• CTD-Diver
• Cera-Diver
• Micro-Diver


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Cable options

Each Diver SDI module required a MDC cable to facilitate communication. The following MDC cables are available:

• 1m MDC data cable
• 2m MDC data cable
• 3m MDC data cable
• 4m MDC data cable
• 5m MDC data cable
• 7m MDC data cable
• 10m MDC data cable
• 15m MDC data cable
• 20m MDC data cable
• 30m MDC data cable
• 40m MDC data cable
• 50m MDC data cable
• 60m MDC data cable
• 80m MDC data cable
• 100m MDC data cable
• 150m MDC data cable
• 200m MDC data cable
• 250m MDC data cable
• 300m MDC data cable


Van Essen Logo

This product is manufactured by Van Essen and proudly represented by Aqualab Scientific.

Hydras 3 Basic

Hydras 3 Basic is equipped with a multitude of functions to simplify the setting up of sensors and the maintenance of measurement stations.

Application fields: Hydrometry, Meteorology and Environmental Protection
Platform: Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Product highlights: Graphical editor, Parameterization and data reading of stations, Auto import of data, Displaying data